We don’t just build Websites and supply SEO services, we solve problems and answer questions.

Here is a small selection of the Web Design, Web Development and Search Engine Optimisation projects we have worked on.


SEO Client

I was approached by a local business to perform 6 months Search Engine Optimisation on there website. The results achieved were excellent, seeing drop is errors and a significant rise is organic traffic.

SEO Client

This is a local company with over 100 years in business, and multiple offices in different locations.

The Search Engine Optimisation work completed, a lot of which was technical SEO, achieved very good results in the 6 months.

We managed to fix all of the technical errors on the site and increase the overall site speed.

Along with a considerable rise is organic traffic, shown by the rise in Users and Page Views. The Bounce Rate went down also.

We also saw a climb in all of the keyword phrases required by the client.

This work was requested because when the client had a new site built SEO was not taken into consideration, and the sites rankings dropped after the new site was completed. The new site was needed, as the old site was very outdated.

If you are considering having a new website built, and already rank well for your required keyword phrases, make sure that SEO is taken into consideration when the site is being built. If not the new site could have a negative result on your organic traffic and in turn a negative result on inquiries.

Project Date

Start Date: 2017-11-22

End Date: 2018-06-30


Golf vacations UK

I have worked with Golf Vacations UK for well over 12 years. Supplying Web Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Keyword Tracking, Wordpress Support and Maintenance and most other Digital things that arise.

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Golf vacations UK

I have worked side by side with Golf Vacations Ltd for over 12 years, helping and advising on nearly every aspect of the digital business world including;

Web Design & Development
Search Engine Optimisation
Keyword Ranking
Email Marketing
Social Media
Site Security and Maintenance
Site Updates and Alterations.

We work together to constantly evolve the website, and every thing linked to it, so that it stays up to date as and when things change in Digital Marketing.

The site was changed to mobile friendly long before Google used that as a ranking factor. The same with HTTPS and SSL Certificates.

Project Date

Start Date: 2006-04-05


The Junction Box – eCommerce

The Junction Box required a simple, easy to navigate,responsive eCommerce Website to replace the outdated Wix site they had outgrown. The site is a Wordpress site and uses the excellent Woocommerce plugin for the eCommerce part.

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The Junction Box – eCommerce

The Junction Box required a simple, easy to navigate,responsive eCommerce Website to replace the outdated Wix site they had outgrown.

The client sells second hand model railway items, and nearly always has well over 1200 items on the site for sale all of the time. The site sells thousands of pounds worth of stock each month, and it handles it all with ease

The site is a WordPress site and uses the excellent Woocommerce plugin for the eCommerce part.

We recently changed the site to HTTPS and changed the payment gateway away from PayPal.

I have built a few Woocommerce sites over the last few years, but to have a one as your main pint of sale takes time and commitment, the the rewards are great.


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Trafford Fireplaces

A site we developed for a client, and looked after the SEO, so that the site would rank for the correct search terms and in the correct locations. The site is still ranking in the Top 3 places for the majority of key phrases, on both desktop and mobile.

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Trafford Fireplaces

This website was developed by us, under the instructions from the client.

The client had a specific way he wanted to homepage to look, so after a couple of conversations we agreed.

We had to make the website Google Friendly, as they wanted to reach as many of the local towns as they could for the services and products they supply.

We built the site with this in mind, and after a few months Search Engine Optimisation the website was exactly where the client needed it to be, being found for numerous products and services in as large an area as possible. Looking for customers to faraway from the shop would be pointless, and a waste of money and resources.

But the site continues to rank highly, and brings in lots of organic traffic each month.

Despite the fact i have completely neglected the website it still produces a huge number of leads. So you can pat yourself on the back for making such a good sitePeter Howe, Trafford Fireplaces

We still Host the site, look after any site alterations and SEO work and keep it secure, backed up and performing well.

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