Websites Date

Websites follow trends and can date very quickly in terms of satisfying the user’s needs. This can be caused by new technologies being released, internet speed increasing or people experimenting with new techniques. It can also be because the web is maturing and web designers understand better what user’s want.

Stay ahead of your competition

Having the best looking website in your industry is great and you should be proud that you are setting the benchmark, but you can expect within 6 months that your

competitors will be doing something very similar if not better.
A well timed redesign will help you steal the march on your competition so that you are not playing catch up.

The current design does not reflect your brand

Using the website to send out a strong message about you will build confidence amongst your clients and potential clients.
If your website is out of date, amateurish and confusing customers are likely to make the same assumptions about you. If on the other hand the website is professional, engaging and offers value, they will look at you in the same way and ultimately make contact.

A site that reflects where you’re heading not where you have been

Businesses do evolve and take different directions. If your website is more than 18 months old it is very likely not a true reflection of where you are heading.

Launching a new website offers you the chance to re-address your message and plan for the future.

Keep the site fresh

With a content management system there is NO reason for not keeping the website up to date. Ideally you should aim to update your website with something at least once per week.
Content management systems are an investment, but one that will prove more cost effective than a static website over time.

Attract more visitors

A new site redesign is the perfect excuse to contact clients, old and new. Send an email that drives them to the new site. Offer incentives that will encourage people to tell their friends and contacts about you. You might be pleasantly surprised how many business relationships this can re-ignite.

You can always improve conversion

For many, an effective website is one that converts potential leads to sales.
Look at your website stats and see what your users are actually doing. You should optimise the most popular areas of the site and improve the areas that users aren’t using. If the majority of your users are leaving as soon as they hit the homepage, look at the design and content and improve it!

Make the site easier to use

Just because you know where to find everything does not mean the next person to arrive at your website does.
Usability and clear sign-posting is important and can be the difference between a poor, good and great website.

Communicate with your clients more effectively

The content of your website should be relevant and written for the website.
People don’t read a website like they would read printed material. They will typically scan pages to determine if the website is of any use. Only then will they start to read further.Make your content short, punchy and to the point.
Anything other than this will inhibit the message you are trying to communicate.

Is your website compatible with current browser usage?

Commonly sites that are more than 12-18 months old are potentially missing out on technologies that are available in new browsers.
Having a website that does not function properly on new browsers can have a negative impact on the user experience of your site and could force users to leave prematurely.

Is your site optimized to conform to current Search Engine Optimization Standards?

To remain competitive, search engines are constantly “tweaking” the algorithms that serve as their backbone.
If your website has not been analysed and optimized within the last 12 months, then you may be missing out on opportunities because of lower search engine results listing. This means fewer visitors to your site.

Optimise for mobile phones

With the growing use of mobile devices to browse the internet, businesses are getting special, cut down websites that work well on mobile devices.Location information can easily be used from a smartphone to get directions, using GPS.

Does your business use Social Networking?

With the rise of Social Networking platforms like Facebook & Twitter, if you business is not using these now may be a good time to start.

when is it time to redesign your website?
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