You may be wondering what the term NAP stands for and why you should care. Well if you are wanting your website to rank well in Local Searches then NAP is important.

local-seoNAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number and it is very important to have this correct on your website, local directories and google maps and google places etc.

The one thing that stays the same is an address. The business name can change as can the phone number and type of business. If you have moved into a new business address or changed your phone number how does Google know? It looks for your NAP, so this needs to be consistent across all directories and listing.

It is thought that Google, and other search engines, use your NAP from your website and other sites to verify you are a legitimate business. It is also used for geo-targeted searches, on mobile devices, when people are searching for something within their local area.

Citations like customer reviews and links all go to help the legitimacy of your business.

If your NAP is not consistent it will be harder for search engines to find you and in turn will impact your Local SEO.

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What is NAP and why is it important?