An SSL, Secure Sockets Layer certificate is displayed on websites in the form of a padlock icon in the address bar and it changes the beginning of the website URL from http:// to https://

In the background it means that the website has been verified and alerts visitors that any information, whether it be contact forms or online sales and payment details, passed between the server and a visitor’s web browser is securely encrypted.

Secure browsing and peace of mind for your visitors.

SSL is the globally recognised standard for secure data encryption between server and browser. All our SSL certificates are provided and verified by leading security experts GlobalSign.

An SSL Certificate is going to become a must-have for any serious website owner!
Search engines such as Google have openly stated that they view an SSL certificate as a mark of trust and that having one can directly improve your search engine rankings. As from January 2017 anyone browsing the internet using Google Chrome, a very popular web browser, will be altered when on websites that do not have an SSL Certificate and warned that the connection to that website is not secure!

Research has shown that a valid SSL certificate reduces abandoned baskets, increases sales, and makes people more confident about your website.

If you have hosting with ourselves contact us today to inquire about an SSL Certificate for your website.



What is an SSL certificate?