Below are some of the Web Design Trends we expect to make it big in 2014. Some have been around since last year, but they are going to grow this year, we’re sure…

Non standard typography

Typography in Web Design

With the rise of the love of typography, which I have to admit I am quite obsessed with as my as my collection of typography books grows weekly. And the ease of using non standard web safe fonts on websites, we have and continue to see more and more websites using non standard fonts.

You can now find a font that less used, which can add more personality and uniqueness to your website.


Flat Design

Flat Web Design

The easiest way to describe ‘flat design’ is to think of a site without drop shadows, gradients and pretty much every other design element normally used.

This makes for a very flat design, which could be associated with the flat design used by apple for iOS7, where apples dropped as many design elements it could for a cleaner, flatter look.

Expect this look to be big throughout 2014 and onward.


More focus on mobile devices


This one is a no brainer when you see the rise in people browsing the web with tablets or smart phones.

As mobile device usage rises, websites must change to work with them, or lose visitors. At present 40% of Internet users will turn to a competitors site if they have a bad mobile experience.


Rise in videos replacing text

video replacing text in websites

It’s a fact that people browsing the internet are getting lazier. They don’t like to many clicks, don’t want to scroll to much and don’t want to read really long pages.

The easiest way to give the visitor the information you want them to read, without them having to read it is to turn it into a video. People are more likely to watch a video than read lots of text.

Also having the video on a platform like YouTube, and placing that on your website will allow you to track how many people are watching the video. With text you can track how many people visit a page, but you have no idea how many people actually read all of the content.


Simple colour schemes

simple website colour schemes

More sites will move away from large colour schemes used throughout there websites. And move to a simpler, cleaner one or two colours.

This will help the sites focus more on content. As we know content is king, and will continue to be the most important element on a website for search engine optimisation reasons.

The idea of using less, more simple


Lack of sidebar


As has been common in web design for years you would normally have 4 elements to the basic layout. Header, Footer, Sidebar (either left or right) and Main Content area. But a lot of newer design are opting for dropping the side bar.

This allows for a more visual impact on the content, and also makes responsive web development easier.

It will allow visitors to the site to read the content without distractions of anything else in a side bar.

Web Design trends to watch in 2014