For years Google has dominated the world of search.

With people saying “Just Google it” rather than saying Search the Internet.

But, with the rise of Voice Search and Voice Assistants like Siri and Alexa the search world could see a change.

At present there are 4 big players in the Voice Assistant world, and 2 of those uses Google for it’s searches. There are 2 other assistants in the works from Samsung and Facebook, but little is know about those at present.
As shown in the image below, Microsoft’s Bing is holding it’s own in the voice search market at present.



Bing is now more important than it’s ever been, and Google will find that Microsoft is more of a competitor than it ever thought it would be.

The data that the Assistants use from both Search Engines is the Local Listings and Featured Snippets, so they are the key area’s you will want to focus on to get your business listed and used on voice search, bur remember not just Google.

It’s time to log back into that unused Bing Webmaster account you have been ignoring for the last few years, as it’s about to become very important indeed.

Voice Search is Bigger than just Google