Tired of juggling different social networking sites content? Try Hootsuite!
Here are a few reasons why you should be using Hootsuite to manage your Social Networking Content.


1. Spread Messages –  Update multiple networks in one step, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress.com, and Ping.fm.
2. Scheduled Updates – Optimize delivery by choosing the best time and date to reach your audience.
3. Assign Tasks – Fine-tune your team by delegating messages and monitoring responses and progress.
4. Custom Interface – Work efficiently with social streams, tabs, and columns — plus a choice of design themes.
5. Team Collaboration – Manage multiple contributors and share data and access without sharing passwords.

6. Social on the Go Compose and converse on the go using mobile apps for iPhone,
Android, Blackberry, iPad and more.

Try it for FREE. Go to www.hootsuite.com


Try Hootsuite!
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