Social Media, like Facebook and Instagram may seem free, but there is a hidden cost.

That cost is your Privacy!

When adding content to Social Media channels you are basically giving them permission to do what they want with it, this will be hidden in the pages and pages of terms and conditions that nobody reads. If you are using a Mobile Device you are also giving away your location as well. Your location is easily tracked from your Mobile Phone location using it’s GPS position, or the location of the WiFi network you may be connected to.

The Google Play store alone has over 500,000 apps that use location based services.

By analysing all the data from location services, WiFi and Bluetooth companies can tell where you live, where you frequently visit and the people you associate with.

When it comes to what you should or shouldn’t post on social media a good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t wear it on the front of a t-shirt in public then don’t put it on Social Media, as it could come back to bite you in the future.

People are prepared to share their private information if asked in the right way, and offered a small incentive.

risa-puno-cookie-for-privacyIn 2014 a New York artist called Risa Puno set up a stall giving away cookies to people who shared some sensitive information about themselves with her. 380 people gave her some information for a cookie, more than half of those allowed her to take their photo’s, 162 people gave her the last four digits of their social security number and a staggering 117 people allowed her to take their fingerprints!

For the right rewards it would seem we are prepared to give away more and more about our private lives.

He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.

George Orwell, 1984


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