We often ask potential clients what their budget is for the website before we send a out a proposal and quote. Most potential clients do not answer this question, This is not a trick question to get you to pay more.
But in reality it is a good starting point for us.

If it was a car we were selling and our salesman asked you about your budget, and you gave him a budget for a Ford Fiesta, he wouldn’t waste time showing you around Range Rovers and BMW’s. You see they all do the same job, but the build quality, design and features are very different indeed. The same can be said about websites.

In my experience if a customer wants to buy a kitchen, car or a computer they are normally asked what there budget is.

In reality we have built sites ranging from £500 right up to several thousand pounds, it all depends what the client is looking for. and we will advise them what we can do within there budget…

If you are looking for a new website, a redesign or possibly some SEO work, go straight to our WEBSITE PLANNER page and fill out the short form.

Stand & Deliver – your budget for your site!!
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