There are a few practices that used to help your website rank higher in Google and other search engines, but lots of the techniques no longer work due to change in search engine algorithms. A few of the most common practiced, which are now deemed bad, are explained below.


Keyword Stuffing-

Keyword stuffing used to be common practice, but not anymore. Rather than fill your META and Content with to many keywords, focus on one keyword or phrase in you Header, Title, Image Alt Tag, Links and Content. But make it look and read natural, in sentences and paragraphs.


Low Quality Incoming Links-

Low quality link will do your site no good at all. Buying links and using link farms no longer work. you need good quality link from relevant sources. the key now is Quality over Quantity.


Hidden Text-

This was a trick where extra, keyword stuffed, text would be placed on pages. the colour of the text would be the same as the background, so the human eye didn’t see it, but the search engines did.


Exact Match Domain Names-

If you have a few domain names that your purchased purely for keyword ranking (for example and have them pointing to your main domain or a single page website with little content. Now is the time to stop, it’s not going to fool the search engines much longer. More info can on Multiple Domain Names can be found here.


Duplicate Content-

Duplicate content is a definite no no, and can be easily spotted by the search engines. Sometimes certain Content Management Systems, like WordPress, create it without you even knowing because of the category, author, date or tag archives. But this can be easily sorted with a good WordPress SEO Plugin.


Lack of Quality Content-

Not only does your content need to be unique it also needs to be good quality and informative. Gone are the days when you created keyword stuffed content for the search engines, now you need to create your content with Humans in ind, not computers.


Targeted Home Pages or Doorway Pages-

This was the practice of creating separate landing pages, using different locations. For example if you were an electrician you could have targeted pages for all the towns and areas you wanted to cover. Most of the pages that were created used the same content except for the place names. This did work well for some sites, and in some cases still does. But Google, and the other search engines, have become wise to this practice and class most of the pages as duplicate content.

SEO bad practices to avoid
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