I first mentioned the importance of responsive design in my blog post Is responsive website design important? dated 3 September 2013.

In July of this year Google stated the following on it’s Official Google Webmaster Blog

Starting today in our English search results in the US, we will indicate to searchers when our algorithms detect pages that may not work on their devices.Google Webmaster Central Blog

The quote and an example can be seen in the image below. The example uses Flash to make it’s point, but this will include any web technology that will not work on certain devices or browsers.

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The example uses Flash, and i mentioned the use of Flash on websites in my blog post dated 31 December 2013 titled Looking ahead to the next year. If Google’s algorithm detects pages, or parts of pages, that may not work on the device or browser that has searched for it it will warn the searcher, and within time it will penalise the website for using out dated technology.

The Google algorithm can detect when you site will not view correctly on mobile devices and tablets, and it will start to penalise your site for that. it is only a matter of time before this is used on searches in the UK and the rest of the world.

If your website still uses deprecated technologies that don’t work on mobile devices, it’s already well past the time to update it.Google's Pierre Far

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