If you’re unsure about investing in your website in the next few months, below are a few reasons why you should seriously consider it…

Your competition has a website.

If your competition has a website and you don’t, you’re losing a lot of potential customers to them. On the other hand if they don’t have a website and you do it makes you more accessible. But just having a site is’nt enough, you need a quality site that works well, is easy to navigate and can be found on the search engine  listings. You need to stand out from the crowd.

make your website stand out from the crowd

People will search online for you.

If i was a betting man i would put money on that potential clients/customers will search for your business name online. I think it’s just human nature to want to know a little about you, possibly look at previous customer reviews etc.

Improve communications with customers.

Having a site makes it easier for customers, old and new, to send you messages anytime of the day and find out your opening hours etc. It’s not always possible for people to contact you during normal working hours. But if they can email you in the evening the message will be there for you to act on the following morning.

Improve communications with email

Websites are cost effective advertising.

Compared to newspaper and magazine advertising paying for a professional web design is very cost effective.
A newspaper, or any other printed advert is pretty expensive. It’s a one time advert and you have no idea how many people will actually see it. On the other hand a website can be accessed 24/7, is easily updated and when using something like Google Analytics you can track visitors. Not only can you see how many visits you site gets for any given period you can see what pages visitors view and how long they stay on your site for. You can even tell which country they are in and if they are using a PC, Mac, Mobile Phone or Tablet. Having this information allows you to change you content to fit your visitors needs.

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Reasons to invest in your website in 2014