Trafford Fireplaces

This website was developed by us, under the instructions from the client.

The client had a specific way he wanted to homepage to look, so after a couple of conversations we agreed.

We had to make the website Google Friendly, as they wanted to reach as many of the local towns as they could for the services and products they supply.

We built the site with this in mind, and after a few months Search Engine Optimisation the website was exactly where the client needed it to be, being found for numerous products and services in as large an area as possible. Looking for customers to faraway from the shop would be pointless, and a waste of money and resources.

But the site continues to rank highly, and brings in lots of organic traffic each month.

Despite the fact i have completely neglected the website it still produces a huge number of leads. So you can pat yourself on the back for making such a good sitePeter Howe, Trafford Fireplaces

We still Host the site, look after any site alterations and SEO work and keep it secure, backed up and performing well.

Trafford Fireplaces

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