SEO Client

This is a local company with over 100 years in business, and multiple offices in different locations.

The Search Engine Optimisation work completed, a lot of which was technical SEO, achieved very good results in the 6 months.

We managed to fix all of the technical errors on the site and increase the overall site speed.

Along with a considerable rise is organic traffic, shown by the rise in Users and Page Views. The Bounce Rate went down also.

We also saw a climb in all of the keyword phrases required by the client.

This work was requested because when the client had a new site built SEO was not taken into consideration, and the sites rankings dropped after the new site was completed. The new site was needed, as the old site was very outdated.

If you are considering having a new website built, and already rank well for your required keyword phrases, make sure that SEO is taken into consideration when the site is being built. If not the new site could have a negative result on your organic traffic and in turn a negative result on inquiries.

SEO Client

Project Date

Start Date: 2017-11-22

End Date: 2018-06-30