YES the Meta Description is still very relevant, and creating  a good meta description for your pages or posts could result in getting more traffic from the search engine results pages (SERPs).

The role of the Meta Description in the SERPs is to give the searcher a good, short (160 characters) description of what they can expect if they click on your link. The more detailed, relevant and eye catching you can make your Meta Description the better your chances of a searcher clicking on your link.


Here are a few good pointers to use when thinking of what to put in your Meta Descriptions.

  • 160 Characters or Less – no more than around 160 characters will show in the search results, so it’s pointless using anymore.
  • Make it Relevant – Use descriptive words to describe exactly what the page or post contains, don’t just fill it with keywords.
  • Be Honest – Don’t lie about the content, searchers will just click the back button if the content at the end of the link doesn’t match the description.
  • Try to use Action-Oriented Language – Words like “Learn” or “Discover” tell the searchers what they can do if they follow your link.


So try to remember when writing meta description make it relevant, honest and descriptive. Write for the searcher not the search engine.

Meta Descriptions should be seen as an exercise in effective sales copy writing.



Meta Descriptions – Why and how to use them
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