Quick Question;

Is your main purpose and goal from Search Engine Optimisation to rank higher in Google?

If your answer is just a straight YES, then you’re wrong, and you should change your required outcome now.

If your answer is yes, BUT also to convert more visitors to your site from visitors to customers, then i would have to agree that’s more on the right track.

Having a site that ranks really high for your required keywords, but does not convert many visitors to customers, so in return does not make as much money as it could, is not great for your business.

SEO needs to give you a good balance between ranking higher and more converting visitors.

So when you are considering paying for SEO work on your site, first sit down and write down what the outcomes from the work need to be, it’s about more than just ranking higher!!

You could theoretically rank quite well for a term and get tons of traffic, and not make a dime from it. Is that what you really want? I don’t think so. So it’s time to shift your goals, and rethink what SEO is all about, because “ranking” is not it.Hubspot



Is SEO just about ranking higher?