You can read lot’s of different articles on the internet about Responsive Website Design, some for and some against. In my opinion i think responsive design is important, and i hope this article will explain why..



As the number of devices, browsers and screen resolutions on PC’s and Mac’s grow we can no longer design and build websites of a certain standard width, they are no longer fit for purpose!

With possible screen sizes ranging from 3″ up to 28″, and screen resolutions from 320 x 480 to 2880 x 1800 we must be mad if we think that a non responsive website will fulfill all of our needs. The most common width used when designing a website is 960 pixels wide. This looks great on a PC or Mac with a decent screen resolution but on tablets and smartphones it will look squashed, very small and very difficult to read and navigate around.

Most elements on non responsive website and sized in either pixels or points, on responsive sites they are sized in percentages.

40% or internet users turned to a competitors site after a bad mobile experience

With a potential lose of up to 40% to a competitor if your website does not work well on mobile devices, having a site that will fit all devices and screens is a no brainer, it just makes sense!!

Having the site built in the first place will cost slightly more money, as more work is required to both the design and development stages. But in the long term it makes the site more future proof, especially with mobile device ownership on the rise.

In 2012 32% of adults accessed the internet using a mobile phone every day!


You can see an example above of the same site on a mobile phone, the left is a responsive site the right a non responsive site..

You can see examples of Responsive Websites i have built in our web design portfolio

Is responsive website design important?