With our In-depth Website SEO Report you can see what actions you can take yourself to help your website compete against your competitors. There is no magic SEO button to get your website ranked higher, but there are methods and procedures that can definitely help.


Our report, which includes easy to read graphs and tables, will point out differences between your website and a higher ranking competitor of your choice. It will show you the difference in

  • Local SEO – Analysis of local citations that google expects your business to be listed on.
  • Social Media – See where you should be aiming your social media efforts.
  • Inbound Links – Analysis of Inbound links and what authority they have.
  • On Page SEODoes your website have all it’s On Page SEO factors in place?
  • Keyword Ranking – Where do you rank compared to your competitor on popular keywords?
  • Unnatural Links – Unnatural Links can harm your rankings, and get your site penalised by Google.

This data can then be used by yourself to help your site rank higher, and hopefully catch and overtake that competitor. You will have the advantage as your competitor will not know you have this information. 

As well as the report you will receive various spreadsheets containing the following information:

  • On Page SEO – Which pages have missing, or duplicate META information.
  • InBound Link Analysis – This will show you which links you have pointing to your site, which pages they point to and what authority this links have, You will also receive the same for your competitor, which should allow you to reach out and gain links.
  • Unnatural Links – This shows you links that are pointing to your site that could be harming your websites ranking, allowing you to act on this and get the links removed either by contacting the website or via Google Disavow.

Cost of this very informative report is just £49 £39 that’s right £39

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