In February this year i took an online inbound marketing course with Hubspot Academy.

hubspot inbound marketing certification

The course consisted of 12 classes, 4.5 hours of videos and a final exam. The 12 classes are as follows;

  • Why Inbound?
  • What is Search Engine Optimisation?
  • Why is Content important to inbound?
  • Why does blogging help your inbound marketing?
  • Why is social media essential to inbound?
  • How do you use a Call-To-Action (CTA)?
  • How do i use a Landing Page?
  • How do i use a Thank You page?
  • Why is Email Marketing still important?
  • Why is Smarketing critical to inbound success?
  • What is inbound sales?
  • Why is customer delight so important?

It’s a self paced course that shows you how to attract visitors, convert leads, close customers and delight customers into promoters. You will learn the basic’s on SEO, blogging, creating landing pages, Call to Actions (CTA’s) and conversion analysis. I have already started using the information i picked up whilst doing the course to help clients old and new.

I found it very informative and easy to follow. My certification lasts for 12 months, and i will be returning to the course next year to get certified once again.


Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified