cost of seo

You often see adverts and emails for SEO claiming “First page of Google” or “Double your website traffic” for $99 a month.

And we often get asked the simple question How much does SEO cost?

It may be a simple question, but the answer is never simple.

There are so many factors that need looked at to give a price to that question, factors like;

  • What is the current state or position of the website?
  • Where do you want the site to be?
  • How quickly would you like this achieved?

Competition also plays a big part, as trying to rank locally for a very unique key phrase takes a lot less work and time than trying  to rank nationally for a very competitive, £10 per click AdWords key phrase.

Modern SEO is not just about getting your site to page 1 of Google. It’s also about getting the right type of visitors to the site that convert in customers.

Getting to Page 1 and still not converting visitors is no good at all.

Below is a pricing structure put together by Marcus Miller in a Blog post on Search Engine Land, showing the prices of SEO in the UK as of July 2017.

how much does seo cost

How much should SEO cost?