The posts option on your Google My Business Page is at present a feature that is not being used to its full potential.

What is a Google My Business Post?

it is a feature that allows you to add a short post, image and link that lasts for seven days, to your Google My Business Page.
These are displayed along with your contact details and reviews etc when your Google My Business Page is displayed in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)

google my business page posts

They have been found to have a mild impact on ranking, so considering how easy they are to use are definitely worth doing along side other Local SEO tasks.

How do i add one?

Login to your Google My Business Page on Desktop, or use the GMB app on mobile, and you will see a Posts option.

You can add the following;

  • Content text (up to 1500 characters, but between 150 and 300 is an ideal number)
  • Image (720px wide by 540px tall minimum)
  • Link to a page on your site (you must choose one of the following for you links text, Book – Order Online – Buy – Learn More – Sign Up – Get Offer)
  • Event (If the posts is about an event you can then add a Title of up to 58 characters and a Start and Finish Date)

Each post last for 7 days, then is archived.

You can view basic analytics for your Google My Business Posts on your desktop dashboard of the GMB app, which shows how many times the posts has been viewed and how many clicks the link gets.

But for better analytics, within your Google Analytics Dashboard i recommend using UTM Codes(Urchin Tracking Module) on the URL’s, these can be quickly and easily created at the Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder.

How do you add posts to your Google My Business Page?