How do i ask for a Google Review?

Following on from our Do you need online reviews? blog post in January, we have put together this post  describing our favourite way to ask for a review.

Our personal favourite is via email, using a link to the correct page, and also including a easy to follow guide. The guides can be created using a free tool, Review Handout Generator, over at Whitespark

Email Subject

When using email a question subject works very well, as does making the subject personalised by using the persons name, see the examples below.

  • How was your experience with [your business name]?
  • Will you take a quick minute to leave us a review?
  • Hello Fred, how was your experience with [your business name]?
  • Fred, could you leave us a review?

Email Content

The email content should be pretty short, and to the point. Something like the below content should work fine.

Hello [client or business name]

It was a pleasure working with/for you on your project. Thank you for your business.

Online reviews from great customers/clients like you help others feel confident about choosing [your business name]. Could you take 60 seconds to leave us a review on Google? Here’s a direct link: <link>

We/I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance for helping us out.

Many Thanks


There is also another tool over at Whitespark that will help you create a direct link for using is your email, head over to the following link to try that out – Google Review Link Generator

When should we send this?

The best time to send this email is shortly after either the deal is closed or the project is finished. Obviously if the review is for a item, like a computer or tablet, more time should be given so you know the customer has had time to get to grips with the product.

Should we offer an incentive for a positive review?

The answer to this is definitely NO. Offering incentives for reviews is against Google Guidelines, and could end up with reviews being deleted.

What if i can’t create my own link or easy to follow guide?

If you’re struggling to create your own personalised link or review guide to send to your customers for any reasons, we would be happy to help. In fact if you have any Local Search questions. Just drop us an email HERE and we will see how we can help you.


The excellent video below, that covers the complete process and more, was put together by Darren Shaw at Whitespark, go and check him out for more Local Search info.

How do i ask for a Google Review?