As of November 19 2014 Google has introduced a ‘Mobile Friendly’ label in it’s search results when searching on a Mobile Devices. I personally have seen this label when searching on my Smartphone, but not on my Tablet.

So what does that mean for your website?
Google will display the label ‘Mobile Friendly’ on sites it deems to fit it’s Mobile criteria. Some elements include sites that avoid the use of Flash, that auto scale text and images for Mobile and that have well spaced links for smaller screens.

Google has also stated that is is experimenting with using the mobile friendly criteria as a ranking signal, which basically means it may start to ranks mobile friendly sites above non friendly site in mobile search results, which will in the long term affect a sites positioning.

The image below shows our site, with the ‘Mobile Friendly’ label, when searched for on a smartphone this morning.

google mobile friendly result


You can test your own site by using Google’s FREE Mobile Friendly Test

If you want your site to succeed in Google’s search results then you need to think about getting your site made ‘Mobile Friendly’

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Google’s ‘Mobile Friendly Label’ is important for your website