Below are a list of Major algorithm changes made by Google in 2014. Hundreds or smaller changes are made each year as well.


HTTPS/SSL Update – 6 August 2014

Google announced that it would be giving preference to secure sites, and it would provide a ‘lightweight’ rankings boost to sites adding encryption.

Pigeon – 24 July 2014

This update affected local search results, and Google stated that Pigeon created closer ties between the local algorithm and core algorithm.

Authorship photo drop – 28 June 2014

This surprise announcement changed the SERP‘s by removing all authorship photo’s from search results pages.

Payday Loan 3.0 – 12 June 2014

This second major Payday Loan update in a month targets especially spammy queries.

Panda 4.0 – 19 May 2014

This major Panda update was confirmed by Google, and affected around 7.5% of English language queries.

Payday Loan 2.0 – 16 May 2014

This was released just before major Panda update, and according to Google targeted specific sites .

Unnamed Update – 24 March 2014

This change was never confirmed by Google, but much speculation mentioned this change was s ‘softer’ Panda update, and many site reported changes in ranking.

Page Layout #3 – 6 February 2014

Also known as ‘top heavy’ this algorithm change affected sites with too many ad’s above the fold.



Google Algorithm changes 2014