If you are not using email marketing to keep in touch with current and potential clients, then now is the time to start!

Email marketing works for a variety of reasons…

Email Marketing from Compute
Email Marketing from Compute
  • It allows targeting
  • It is data driven
  • It drives direct sales
  • It builds relationships, loyalty and trust
  • It supports sales through other channels

Modern email marketing services and solutions support database integration, segmentation and various other tricks and techniques for improving the targeting of outgoing messages. Advanced methods generate on-the-fly emails customized down to an individual recipient basis.

And every email campaign you send out generates a heap of actionable data you can use to refine your approach and messages.

Email promotions and offers generate immediate action: sales, downloads, inquiries, registrations, etc. Informative email newsletters and other emails send people to offline stores and events, prepare the way for catalogs, build awareness, contribute to branding, strengthen relationships, encourage trust and cement loyalty.

We can help you with supplying the following;

  • Website Sign Up form
  • Professional Email Templates
  • Facebook and Twitter Integration
  • Real-time email tracking and analysis

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