There are many online systems available that can help you collect online reviews from your customers. These include Facebook, Google, Trustpilot, Feefo and Reevoo. This is only a small selection of systems available, and vary between free and pay monthly systems.


Having clients review you via an independent system is the most trustworthy way reviews can be done, Getting a review from a customer and just displaying it on your website is no longer trusted. A review can be easily edited and negative reviews not displayed at all.

Reviews show potential customers honest information supplied by previous customers.

The online system will allow negative reviews, but if you completely disagree with a review you get the chance to reply with your side of the story, and in some circumstances can even get reviews removed.

In my opinion the best systems to use are Google and Facebook. This is down to a combination of what i have read, what i have heard SEO experts say and conferences and what i have seen work in real world situations. Also i am not sure what would happen to all of your reviews if you decided to stop being a customer of one of the paid systems, would you lose all of the reviews? that may have taken years to collect!

Both Google and Facebook reviews can have a direct affect on your organic rankings, and show up in Local SEO searches.

If you are not asking for online reviews from customers, now would be a great time to start.
It’s a simple process to send an email to a customer and point them to Google and Facebook for a review. Chances are they will have an account for one or the other.

Do you need Online Reviews?