Digital Signage works like a Digital Notice Board and uses a TV Screen or Monitor to display content like images, video, information and offers. It can be found in many different pubic places like Shops, Schools, Pubs, Cafes and Hotels.

Our Cloud Based Digital Signage software can be updated from any internet connected computer.


Digital Signage in Hospitality

This can be used in hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, nightclubs and bed & breakfasts. It can be used to display information including the following;

  • Menu’s
  • Digital Notice Board
  • Special Offers
  • Upcoming Events
  • Employment Opportunities


Digital Signage in Retail

The retail environment Digital Signage has many features and benefits that static signage and displays cannot offer. The Dynamic nature of Digital Signage grabs a customer’s attention.
Uses of Digital Signage in the retail space are;

  • Promote sales by pushing specific products within the store
  • Display daily discounts and promotions
  • Launch new products
  • Create product awareness


School Digital Signage

Schools and Universities are using Digital Signage to keep their students and staff up-to-date with current information and scheduled activities.
Areas of use in schools include;

  • Inform students and staff; about current information and scheduled activities
  • Post daily Announcements or Menu with ability to have different displays for each day of week
  • Provide emergency alerts and public safety information
  • Show training and safety videos


Our Cloud Based Digital Signage system includes Hardware, Software, Setup and Training.

All you supply is a Suitable TV/Monitor with one spare HDMI socket and a Wireless or Wired Internet Connection.

The hardware we use is low powered, silent and has no moving parts.
The software is internet/cloud based and works like a Website Content Management System that many people are familiar with.

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