Do you think that owning lots of domain names, and linking them all to you website will help with your SEO? Well read on if you do.

Microsite’s and other domains I own that link or redirect back to my site will help my SEO?

The chances of this doing much for you are slim to none. It’s like having an election in which you vote for yourself a thousand times – that still counts as one vote. Search engines are smart enough to know who the registrants are for a domain, and see that it’s the same person as your
primary domain. Note: If you are reading this and thinking, well, then I will just change my registration information, you are clearly thinking like a spammer … don’t be that person.

There is not much value in spreading your SEO thin, which is what you do by setting up domain after domain and optimizing each rather than putting all that love into your primary domain. Why not just add the content to your primary domain, or build a tool as an add-on to your website?

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An SEO myth about multiple domain names