If your thinking of sending out some direct mail marketing to some old or potential clients, why not make it stand out from all the other mail that lands on their desks and make it 3D.

3D marketing includes a physical item in the envelope for 2 reasons.

1. It bulks out the package/envelope and makes it unable to sit at the bottom of a pile of mail.
2. It makes the letter different, and makes it stand out from the other letters. People receiving this will be more likely to open it and read it just to see what is inside.

Your 3d marketing need not cost you a fortune, it’s just a case of thinking of something either useful or funny that potential clients will remember you by.
But also plan your budget depending on the level of spend you may expect from each client.

In a recent 3d marketing mail out I created an emergency computer backup system. Sounds expensive doesn’t it, but it cost pence and is quite a quirky idea to help people remember you by.

3d Marketing in Cumbria

3D Marketing