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Responsive Web Design in Cumbria

As the number of web-enabled devices continues to grow, each with differing capabilities and features, it’s no longer sensible to build fixed-width websites.

Responsive Web Design in Cumbria

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when is it time to redesign your website?

Websites Date

Websites follow trends and can date very quickly in terms of satisfying the user’s needs. This can be caused by new technologies being released, internet speed increasing or people experimenting with new techniques. It can also be because the web is maturing and web designers understand better what user’s want.

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websites for mobile devices

“Mobile internet usage nearing 50% of ALL internet usage in UK”

Does your existing site work well on mobile devices??

As Mobile Devices, such as smart phones an tablets, become more popular in the UK. Doesn’t it make sense to have your website Mobile Friendly?

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