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Web Hosting

more than just web design!

Sometimes your business or organisation may need more than just a website designed. You may need design, development and ongoing development and testing.

As things are constantly changing in the world of web and internet, you may want someone with their finger on the pulse to point you in the right direction when web technologies move forward.

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New Website for Cumbrian Holiday Cottage

I have just started work on a large website for a Holiday Cottage on The Solway Coast in Cumbria.

I will be responsible for;

  • Design and Development
  • Hosting
  • SEO and Marketing
  • Some Photography
  • Interactive Floor Plan
  • Social Media

Really looking forward to this site, and as usual the challenges it will bring.

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What to do about the UK Cookie Law

In the last couple of months the laws in the UK and EU, sites must now obtain “informed consent” from visitors before saving cookies on a machine. The law, set by the EU, mean visitors must be told that cookies are being placed on their machine.

If your site includes any of the following, chances are they are using cookies.

  • You Tube Videos
  • Member Only Areas
  • Contact Forms
  • Google analytics
  • Data Capture
  • Newsletter sign up

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websites for mobile devices

“Mobile internet usage nearing 50% of ALL internet usage in UK”

Does your existing site work well on mobile devices??

As Mobile Devices, such as smart phones an tablets, become more popular in the UK. Doesn’t it make sense to have your website Mobile Friendly?

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Password – The Weakest Link

Here is a list to help you keep the weakest online security link, Passwords, a bit safer.

password security1. Choose a password that is at least eight to 10 characters long. This should be long enough to prevent brute force attacks, which consist of trying every possible combination of a password until the right one is found.

2. Make sure your password is difficult for someone to guess. Do not use names of any kind, including your login name, family member’s name or a pet’s name. Also avoid using personal information such as a phone number, birthday or place of birth.

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