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3 reasons your business needs social media

There are many reasons why your business should be using social media, but here is my top 3.

1 – Posting on Social Media can help your organic search ranking.

If you’ve spent time and money creating content for your website or blog, it’s seems a shame if it’s not shared.
Sharing content on social media channels increases the chance of your content ranking higher. When people like, share or re-tweet content on social media channels search engines use those signals to determine the relevance and authority of your websites content.

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Email Marketing Tips

Every email campaign you send out generates heaps of actionable data you can use to refine your approach and further messages.

Below are a few simple tips to help you on your way.

The first thing you are going to need is a list of email addresses to send your email too, in my opinion collecting them from a sign up form on your website is the best way to go about this, although you can buy lists but i would never recommend it. After you have built your email list you are ready to start sending out emails.

The main things that need consideration are email subject, content, time to send it and email layout.

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more than just web design!

Sometimes your business or organisation may need more than just a website designed. You may need design, development and ongoing development and testing.

As things are constantly changing in the world of web and internet, you may want someone with their finger on the pulse to point you in the right direction when web technologies move forward.

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